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Add photos or images for an item

Add photos or images for an item

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Add photos or images for an item

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Associating Your Images With An Inventory Item


Computerize Your Assets provides two separate methods to add/associate images to items in your catalog. Images can be added at the time the item is added to the catalog or can be added in an express fashion after the items have been added. The following discusses the first method. View the "Express Image Attachment" method here.


When adding a new image for an item, the screen below will be displayed for you. In addition to the actual image, there are several pieces of additional information required. Notice the Item ID and Item Code are displayed so you can recall the inventory item you were working with.


If you are adding a new image the right portion of the screen below will be empty. If you are changing or deleting an existing image, the right portion of the screen will display the image.




As stated, you have the ability to include and attach as many images as you require to properly document the item. The screen above illustrates there are 4 images attached to this particular item.


Scrolling the list on the left reveals the corresponding in the viewer pane on the right. The buttons below the list pane are used to Add, Change or Delete images. Also note, the "Print" column in the list. The check mark indicates this is the images you have selected to printed on the reports as well as the reminder note that appears below the buttons. (Illustrated above)




Item ID

This field is display, read only and may not be changed

Item Code

This field is display, read only and may not be changed


Type in a brief description of this image being attached

Date Taken

Type in the date the image/photo was taken or click the small button for a calendar to select

Print On Report

Check this box to designate this is the image/photo you wish to have printed on most of the reports. If you fail to check this box for at least one image associated with the item no image will be printed.


By default, the first image added to this list will have the "Print On Report" checked. If you add additional images and wish to change the designated image to be printed to another, select it from the list and check this box. If another image is already selected you will be notified and given the opportunity to confirm the change.

Attach Picture For This Item

Open the screen below to acquire or locate the image  ( See next screen for details )




In the screen example above, each of the buttons are active and will display a complete description of their function by clicking them with your mouse..


When importing an image for an item you may notice it will appear smaller in the capture screen than the original size. This is intentional. If your image is greater than 640 x 480 resolution it will be automatically resized to this resolution. Many times images can be extremely large and Computer Your Assets resizes the image without the loss of any quality. This is done to maintain quality when printing and viewing the images and to avoid overwhelming the resources. You should notice no loss of quality at all.


Computerize Your Assets image editing is a very powerful tool and we have additionally provided a collection of image correction utilities you will find useful. Click on the "Image" menu selection to access these functions. The available functions are:

Brightness, Contrast or Intensity
Hue, Saturation or Lightness
Color Correction
Auto Contrast


Although we do not provide an "Undo" feature which extends beyond the necessity of this application, you can return the image to the original specifications by clicking on the "File" menu and selecting "Restore". Also keep in mind, if selecting an image from your hard drive, the original image is never compromised or altered so it can always be reloaded if you should be unsatisfied with the results.




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