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Address Book

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CYA Address and Contact Book




Computerize Your Assets provides a modest contact address book that will prove useful. It is not our intent to compete with many of the address book programs on the market, but rather provide a feature that is useful and encourage you to access CYA on a regular basis. This alone will be a reminder to keep your home inventory current by making adjustments as events occur.


Your home is dynamic. Things come and things go almost on a daily basis. To encourage you to access CYA on a frequent basis we will continue to add features to the address book. Things like address labels, mass Emails, auto reminders, and




Main list of all contacts in the address book.





The summary page of the contact detail displays a select group of information fields from the Name, Personal and Business related groups of fields. These fields are for display only and may not be edited from this screen.





The "Name" tab contains the general information about this contact. Each of the contacts entered into your address book can be identified by a group. In other words, you have the ability to indicate whether the contact is a Client, Friend, Family Member or any other group you like. If the group is not in your drop list simply type in the new group and complete the field with the "Tab" key to create a new group in your list.


Notice as you move from tab to tab the "Note and Comments" free form text field is always available for editing.





The "Personal" tab provides the necessary fields to enter personal contact information.





The "Business" tab provides the necessary fields to enter business contact information.




The Date Minder tab is a unique feature. It provides an extended important date reminder feature for each contact in your address book. Consider you have a friend in your address book, but you also want to keep track of important dates for members of your friend, like their spouse or children.


Each entry on this screen is associated with the current contact being edited. In the example above, Jane is the contact and her "Anniversary" is the date you find important. The remaining entries are some of "Janes" relatives that you want to remember, like her "Daughter" and two "Grandsons".


This way you don't have to have a separate entry in the address book for each of important dates you want to remember. You could, of course, enter each of the related persons individually in the address book.


As features are added to the address book extending the capabilities, such as reports, lists, mail labels etc., for each of the "Date Minder" entries on this screen, the address provided for this contact on the "Personal" tab will be used.



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