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Backing up all your hard work and data is crucial. Do not take this step lightly. Computerize Your Assets has provided functionality to completely backup the entire system. This backup includes the entire set of data files as well as the executables. This provides the ability to copy a single file to an external storage source, such as a USB Thumb Drive (recommended), or a CD to be stored in a safe place separate from the working computer. This could be a home safe, a safety deposit box at your bank or any other place you feel comfortable with.






Password Protect Backup Files ( Optional ) - Check this option to enable CYA to protect your created ZIP and self extracting EXE files with a password of your choice. This encrypts all information within the files and the password must be entered to decompress the backup files. If you choose not to password protect you backup files anyone will be permitted to extract the information from the backup files.
Password - Enter the password you wish to use to protect the files. Your password choice can be a combination of numerals, both upper and lower case letters and special characters. You may wish to record your password somewhere and keep it in a safe place. There is no method to recover your files from your backup should you fail to remember your password.



Arrow_r  Version 2.4 added additional features to remember your registration information. This provides a simple method of installing your complete home inventory onto another computer. You can install your backup onto another computer using either the ZIP or the self extracting EXE (recommended) file from your portable storage device (CD, Flash Drive etc.).


When CYA is run the first time on the new computer you will be asked if you wish to register CYA on the new computer. If you answer yes all the "Start" menu and desktop shortcuts will be installed and your original "Registration Name" and "Registration Key" will be automatically entered into the system for you. This option registers your install on the computer just as if you had entered it manually. This is our recommendation. Even if this is temporary you can always "Uninstall" CYA.


You may be using a different computer in an emergency in order to access your data and reports. If you chose not to register CYA on the new computer the system will revert to a 30 day trial. All your data is accessible. The only thing you will notice is any reports generated while in this mode will watermark each of the reports with "Trial Version". In addition, there will be no shortcuts created to run the program. You will need to use either "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" to navigate to the folder where CYA is installed and double click on "CYA2DAY.EXE" to run the program.




The next screen to appear after clicking the "Continue" button will prompt you for a location and a name for the file.




The installer created a folder called "CYA Backups" in your Public Documents folder and we recommend you use this folder for your backups. Each time significant changes are made to your data files you should consider creating a new backup to be certain you always have the latest. You should maintain a history of at least two backups, however, three would work much better unless you have compelling reasons to preserve more than three. When you create the fourth backup then delete the oldest always keeping a total of at least three.


IMPORTANT! - Do not select a CD device in the screen above.


Although Computerize Your Assets will not generally be able to write the ZIP and EXE file directly onto your CD, or in some rare instances, your USB drive, it is a simple task to copy the archive file from your backup folder and burn it onto a CD using whatever software you are accustomed to using. The CD ROM hardware technology and operating systems are so varied that it would be nearly impossible to include this functionality and guarantee the outcome.


Once you have selected a destination for your new backup file and have entered a name, click on the "Save" button to begin the process. The screen below illustrates the progress screen that is displayed during the backup as each of the files are included and compressed into the ZIP file.




*** Displays the progress and detail of each of the files included in this backup


BUCompletecontinue BUCompletese BUCompletecontinue


As the backup process progresses you will be kept informed of the current activity. As the notices are displayed click the "OK" button to continue.




At this point, both the ZIP and self extracting EXE have been created in the folder you chose above and are ready to be copied to your choice of portable storage media such as a CD or USB drive. Using appropriate software on your computer system, copy the files(s) to the device. Our recommendation is to copy the EXE file. Then if space allows, copy the ZIP file if you wish. Copying the EXE file precludes the need for any unzipping tools on the new computer in the event you must restore your home inventory on another computer.


In the event you find it necessary to use another computer to access your home inventory, or just need to install CYA on a new computer, insert your portable media into the appropriate device on the new computer and execute the EXE file.


Running CYA on the new computer

Because you have not used the CYA installer to properly install the software on the new computer it will be necessary to use either My Computer or Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you opted to install the backup. Look for a file named "cya2day.exe" and using your left mouse,  double click on it. This will execute Computerize Your Assets on the new computer.


If CYA was previously registered on your other computer it will recognize it is being executed from a new computer and will offer you the opportunity to register it on the new computer. See example screen below.


NOTE! The next two screens will only be seen if you purchased CYA and registered it on the computer this backup was created from.




Clicking "Yes" on the above screen will inform the system to register CYA on the new computer, create the "Start" menu items and assume the move to this computer will be permanent.


Clicking "No" on the above screen will still provide you the opportunity to have the "Start" menu items created and set CYA to run in "Trial" mode on this computer. See example screen below.


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