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Casualty Loss Report Setup

Casualty Loss Report Setup

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Casualty Loss Report Setup

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Quick Tag Setup For Casualty Loss Report


In the event you find it necessary to produce a report consisting of a portion of your home inventory, use this procedure to quickly identify the items that need to be included. Once completed simply print the results to document the specific items involved.




From the example above notice each item in the catalog has a check box next to it in the second column of the list. Scroll through your entire catalog and identify each item to be included in the report by clicking in the desired item's check box to mark it for inclusion.


You are not required to complete this process in one process. Once marked, the item will remain checked until it is cleared by either clicking the check box again to unmark or you click on the "Clear All Checked Items". Using the latter will clear ALL items and reset the results to no items selected. This can not be undone so use cautiously.


Notice the "Change" button is active during this process. Should you need to make changes to the information for an item it can be accessed from here. You may not, however, add or delete items from your inventory catalog from the process.


Once all items to be included in the report have been marked you may click on the "Print Casualty Loss Report" button to generate the report or print it later. You may also print this report using the menu selection <Reports>,<Specialty Reports>,<Print Casualty Loss Report>



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