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Check For Updates

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Check For Updates

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Check Web For Available Program Updates


Computerize Your Assets, as does all software on the market, will undergo changes from time to time. These changes might be the result of enhancements, new features or fixes to existing functionality. We want to provide you with the latest version available causing the least amount of interruption for you. Included in Computerize Your Assets is the ability to perform automatic updates from our web server when the version has changed.


We recommend you perform a "Check For Updates" at least once every 6 to 8 weeks to be certain you are always running the latest version. These updates are free, of course.




The first screen you will see asks for confirmation to close the application and perform an update check. This update check does requires an internet connection. During the entire process of checking, downloading and installing your updates there is absolutely no information about you or your data being sent. This would be a violation of our "Privacy Policy".


Anticipating an update being available we ask you to close all work you may have in progress to protect your data. Clicking the "Yes" button will close Computerize Your Assets" and continue with the request to check to see if any updates are available.




The update wizard will then be executed. You will need to click the "Next" button to proceed with the auto update.




At this point, one of two things will occur.

If there is an update available it will automatically be downloaded and installed with no further input required from you.
You already have the most recent update and will be notified ( See screen below )







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