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Credit Card Report

Credit Card Report

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Credit Card Report

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Credit Card Report


Although we have prepared this report for your use, we encourage you to exercise caution when printing it. If this report should fall into the wrong hands the result could be almost as dangerous as your actual credit cards being lost or stolen.







When printing the credit card report, you will be presented with a setup page. with three options that effect the results of the printed report. These options each perform a separate function and can be used independently.


Mask Credit Card Number

Checking this box will mask all but the last 4 digits of the credit card number with x's. This is helpful if this report needs to be viewed by others and you do not wish to disclose the number

Mask Passwords

Similar to the situation above, the account password will be replaced with asterisks.

Include Notes/Comments

Checking this box will cause the report to include any notes or comments you have made









The report illustrated above is the result of all three options being checked. Notice the credit card number (xxxxxxxxxxxx3456), the web password (***************) and the account notes and comments in the center of the report.



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