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Attach Multiple Images

Attach Multiple Images

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Attach Multiple Images

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Express Image Attachment



CYA provides added features regarding attaching images to items in the catalog. You now have the option to input all your item data into the catalog and attach all images in one process. This should significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to locate and save the images for each item.




The following steps are required to use this feature effectively and correctly:

1.In the upper left panel navigate to the drive and the folder where you have stored your raw images from your digital camera. The moment the folder is located you will notice the image thumbnails will begin to display in the upper right panel.
2.The list above the thumbnail panel contains all the items that are currently in your customers item catalog and is initially sorted on the "Location" field. Clicking on the header of each column selects that column to sort on and resorts the list. Locators are available and live regardless of the column currently being sorted. For example, when the list first displays the location being sorted is "Location" and the first item in the list is in the "Attic" and you wanted to jump to the "Kitchen", type the letter K on the keyboard and the list highlight bar will immediately scroll down the list and locate the first entry where the "Location" begins with the letter K. Locate the item from the list you want to attach an image to and click on it. Be certain the item you want is the one highlighted.
3.Locate the image that is to be attached to the selected item from the thumbnails. You may either use the arrow keys to locate the image or select it with the mouse. The selected image will display in the preview window on the lower left corner of the screen. When you are certain you have selected the correct item and image to be associated, using your left mouse button double click on the selected image thumbnail.


You will now be advanced to the image editing screen where you will find the tools to make any adjustments you may find necessary.




Most of the time the images downloaded from your digital camera will be rather large. In fact, much larger than you will most likely require as most often they will all be considerably reduced in size to print properly on the reports. If the selected image is greater in size than 640 x 480 pixels, you will be prompted to consider reducing the size of the image. Clicking the "Yes" button presents the following resizing window.





The "Width" and "Height" reflect the current size of the image in pixels and the image may be resized using these two fields. By default, the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" box is checked and we strongly suggest you leave it checked unless you have some unusual requirements for this particular image. This guarantees that regardless with field you use to resize with, the corresponding field will automatically be adjusted using the same ratio.


Also, with the "Preview" box checked you will be able to see the results of your changes before you commit.





Now that you have sized the image to your satisfaction, take a close look at the image to determine if the quality is up to your standards. Should you need to adjust the contrast, brightness, or a host of other properties, use the menu at the top to select the desired effect you wish to modify. It is not within the scope of this help to offer instruction for each of the characteristic modifications that are available to you at this point.



Computerize Your Assets image editing is a very powerful tool and we have additionally provided a collection of image correction utilities you will find useful. Click on the "Image" menu selection to access these functions. The available functions are:

Brightness, Contrast or Intensity
Hue, Saturation or Lightness
Color Correction
Auto Contrast


Although we do not provide an "Undo" feature which extends beyond the necessity of this application, you can return the image to the original specifications by clicking on the "File" menu and selecting "Restore". Also keep in mind, if selecting an image from your hard drive, the original image is never compromised or altered so it can always be reloaded if you should be unsatisfied with the results.





When you are satisfied with the image, clicking on the "Save" icon ( second from left ) will save the image and other pertinent information into the appropriate data files and return you to the selection screen to process another.


Clicking the "Cancel" icon ( one on the left ) will cancel all operations you have performed and return you to the selection screen to process another. None of your work is saved and the image is not attached to the item.






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