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Getting Help

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Getting Help

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Getting Help When You Need It


We are confident your experience with Computerize Your Assets will be ideal, however, it is possible you may have  questions.


Help for Computerize Your Assets can be obtained in several ways. Please follow the steps below. If your question(s) are not answered in step number one, move on to step number 2. Finally, if your question or issue is still unresolved use step number 3.






The first place to find help on any topic or function within the software is obviously this document. We have made every attempt to cover all the topics and provide you with the step by step actions necessary to accomplish every task the program allows.


The choices on the left expand to reveal every option available on the menu. In addition, the general topics offer additional assistance on other topics of interest such as:

Getting Started
How do I ....


We do recognize, however, unusual unforeseen circumstance by us can arise and it is not unlikely your particular question has been asked by another user.





Computerize Your Assets maintains a User Forum on our web site and provides additional assistance extending beyond the contents of this help document. It is not at all unlikely your particular question may have already been asked by another user and the answer could be readily available.


If not, you are encouraged to post your question on the forum and it will be answered by a member of our support group. Consider the fact other users may be looking for the answer to the same question and this provides a good resource for all users to share experiences and solutions.


Click here to go to the user forum now.




Visit our "Knowledge Base" for common questions and solutions.



If you have been unsuccessful using the first three methods to get an answer to your question you are encouraged to submit a support ticket. Our excellent support staff will respond to your request as quickly as possible.


When submitting a support ticket please provide us with the following information:

Operating system ( i.e.  Win XP, Win 2000, Win 98 etc. )
Size of computer memory
Size of hard drive
Steps required to duplicate your issue
Description of results and your EXPECTED results


Click here to submit a support ticket


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