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Getting Started

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Getting Started With Computerize Your Assets





The image above illustrates the menu system and toolbar shortcuts. Clicking on each of the buttons in the image above will demonstrate the action that will be executed when actually used in the program. Additionally, the menu items (File, Edit, Catalog etc.) are fully explained by clicking on the "Main Menu" topic on the left.


The best place to start with Computerize Your Assets is print out a copy of the "Inventory Work Sheet". This will provide you with an idea of the information the program will be looking for.


Next, with your Inventory Work Sheet in hand, visit a room in your home and record the information for a couple of items on the Inventory Work Sheet. Next, run Computerize Your Assets.


What we need to do now is transfer the information from our work sheet into our inventory Catalog. To access this portion of the program click on the "Catalog" button on your main tool bar.




The screen above illustrates the catalog list containing all your inventory items and assets that have been cataloged. Your list will obviously be empty starting out, so you will only have one option available to you. Using your left mouse, click on the "Insert New Item" to move on to the screen to input the information you have on your Inventory Work Sheet.






Each of the input fields similar to the one illustrated above are referred to as drop/combo. Notice the Ú on what appears to be a small button on the far right of the entry area. When you encounter an entry field of this type you are immediately aware a separate data file is maintained with a list of valid entries.


Several of the entry fields as seen in the illustration above require an entry from you. These entry fields will change to the color nnn

as seen above. See the next image for an explanation of the ways to enter your data into these entry fields.




As noted above, each of the drop/combo entry fields allow several ways of entering data. Notice above that by clicking on the Ú, or anywhere in the entry portion of the field, a drop list will appear exposing the existing contents of the data file. Here are the methods available for you to enter data.

Begin typing data into the entry field. As you type the current list is simultaneously searched and the closest match to what you entered is displayed. If the data you are wishing to enter is already contained in the file usually it will be located within a matter of 3 - 4 keystrokes. Once the desired data is displayed in the entry field simply press the "Tab" key to accept the data and move to the next entry field.
Using the above method, the data you entered may not yet be contained in the file. If this is the case, when you have completed typing the data and you press the "Tab" key you will be presented with a screen advising you the data you entered was not located in the file and will ask if you would like to save it. You will need to click Yes and save the new data in order to use it in the field.
Click on the Ú, or anywhere in the entry portion of the entry field to cause the list to open and drop down. You may then scroll up and down with the arrow keys or the scroll bar on the right until the desired item is highlighted and either press the Enter key or left click the desired item to move the selection into the entry section. The image above illustrates the entry field dropped down for selection.



With the exception of several pieces of critical information for each item you wish to catalog, you are at liberty to include as much detail as you wish during your session with the inventory catalog and each item you enter.



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