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Government Agencies

Government Agencies

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Government Agencies

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Important Government and Other Agencies


Often in an emergency or catastrophe, important documents containing contact information are unavailable. Computerize Your Assets has included a Data Base to record important government agencies, insurance agencies or any other type of contact that is important and makes it accessible to you within the program. We decided it made more sense to make it available within our system as opposed to posting it on our web site. This way you will not be dependent on an internet connection to get this valuable information.


In addition to maintaining a listing of these important contacts, the system provides a message center for to record your dialogs with them and keep an accurate record of your discussions and progress.


Computerize Your Assets initially installs a data base with many of the Federal emergency agencies already included, however, you are encouraged to add all of your important local ( State, County or City ) agencies.




The screen illustration above shows the list of agencies available in your data file. You are encouraged to seek out listings of agencies in your specific State or community that could be important to you should you be faced with any type of emergency.





When adding agencies to your list you have the option of including considerable detail information, however, you are not required to do so. We encourage you to seek out as much information as possible before you need it and keep it in your file.




An additional nice feature we have included with Computerize Your Assets is the ability to keep detail notes and records of contact you have had with each of the agencies in your list. Access this functionality by clicking on the "Agency Notes" tab on the list. The listing on this tab will reveal only the notes and comments you have kept pertaining to the agency you had selected while on the "Agency Listing" tab.




The screen above illustrates the recording of notes for the selected agency.


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