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Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents

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Insurance Agents

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Insurance Agent Support File


In addition to maintaining a listing of all Insurance Companies you have policies with, Computerize Your Assets provides the tools to identify and maintain necessary information for the insurance agent writing the policy. Below is an example of the Agent Browse list.






View the currently highlighted agent detail. No changes will be allowed.


Insert or add a new agent to the list


Change or modify the information for the currently highlighted agent


Remove or delete the currently highlighted agent from the list



Insurance Agent Update Screen




Insurance Company

Type in or select from the drop down list the Insurance Company this agent represents

Agent Name

Type in the name of your insurance agent


Type in the mailing or street address for your agent ( Optional )


Type in the City name  ( Optional )


Type in the State abbreviation  ( Optional )

Zip Code

Type in the Zip/Postal Code  ( Optional )

Phone Number

Type in the Phone number for this agent  ( Optional )

Fax Number

Type in the Fax number for this agent  ( Optional )

Email Address

Type in the Email address for this agent  ( Optional )



If this agent has been selected and associated with an inventory item record, changing the Agent Name will result in the name being updated in each of the inventory item records. You may not, however, delete an agent from the agent file if it is referenced from an inventory item.




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