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Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

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Insurance Companies

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Insurance Company Support File


Computerize Your Assets provides the ability to catalog special insurance rider information for your inventory items. It is not uncommon for more expensive items to be insured individually.


Selecting the "Insurance Companies" menu presents a Browse listing all the Insurance Companies entered into the system. From this Browse you may add new companies, modify the data for existing companies or delete no longer used records. See example below.




The column "Website URL" is a live hyperlink field to the website if you have elected to provide it. Clicking the link will launch your browser and open the web site.


Button Descriptions



Launch the update form in "View Only" mode. No changes are allowed in this mode.


Launch the update form in "Insert" mode. Add a new insurance company to the file.


Launch the update form and retrieve the highlighted record for editing.


Launch the update form and retrieve the highlighted record for deletion.



Insurance Company Update Form




Company Name:

Company name of the insurance company ( Required )


Street or mail address  ( Optional )


Name of the City  ( Optional )


Name of the State  ( Optional )

Zip Code:

Postal/Zip Code  ( Optional )

Phone Number:

Primary phone number  ( Optional )

Fax Number:

Fax number  ( Optional )

Website URL:

Website URL/Address  ( Optional )



If this Insurance Company has been selected and associated with an inventory item record, changing the Company Name will result in the name being updated in each of the inventory item records. You may not, however, delete an Insurance Company from the file if it is referenced from an inventory item



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