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Introducing CYA

Introducing CYA

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Introducing CYA

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Don't leave home without one
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Computerize Your Assets was actually born out of necessity. The author of this product lives in Central Florida and survived 3 major hurricanes within 2 months during the summer of 2004. I'm certain everyone has heard of "Charley", "Francis" and "Jeanne".


It was during the preparation for the first one ( Charley ) that he realized just how unprepared he was in spite of all the effort taken to board up the house and secure everything possible. The last 2 hours were spent frantically taking pictures with digital and video cameras to at least have some evidence of the contents of the home in the event he returned to a real disaster. Fortunately, the home withstood the brute force of all three and sustained minimal damage. There were many others that were not nearly as fortunate.


After countless hours and effort attempting to locate a software application that could perform the task, it was apparent there were virtually none that contained all the features felt necessary to manage a home asset inventory. Our company, having been in the software business for nearly 20 years, took on the task of creating a "complete" and thorough program to do it all.


We mention this to give you some insight as to the purpose and objective of this software. These objectives are:

Document the entire contents of the home.
Attach photos and scanned receipts for each of the items.
Image editing tools to enhance any marginal photos.
Manage video clips taken of the contents by location.
Associate any warranty and insurance riders for special items.
Know the actually replacement value of the contents of the home.
Produce reports of the items with photos in several formats.
Prepare a casualty list of items lost or destroyed within minutes.
Single click back up of all data for off site safe keeping.
Ability to restore entire program and data to another computer if needed.


In addition to the above, the Extended version of the software extends the functionality to include:

Manage inventory for multiple homes. This tool is also very suitable for owners of furnished rental properties. You can take an inventory and include it as part of your lease for the tenant.
Estate planning to include:
1.Designate the individual to receive each item/asset in the inventory.
2.Print a detail report of these assignments suitable for inclusion with your will.


At this point you now have a vision of what this software is all about and what it will accomplish for you. You can also clearly see the many features included does indeed qualify it to be called the All-In-One Home Inventory and Asset Management tool.


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