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Location Videos

Location Videos

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Location Videos

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Location Video Listing and Viewer


This procedure allows you to quickly manage your entire set of videos taken for each location.




Unlike photos and images which are dependent on individual items, videos are cataloged by location. Notice the movie controls under the image. You may view the selected video without leaving Computerize Your Assets.


Auto Start Video

Check this box if you would like the video to begin playing automatically when selected from the list.


Opens the form for the selected video record in the Browse list in "View Only" mode. No changes to the information will be allowed.


Opens a blank form allowing you to add/insert a new location video record.


Opens the form for the selected video record in the Browse list allowing you to change or modify the information.


Opens the form for the selected record in "Delete" mode. You will be asked to confirm the deletion in the form.

TIP   Deleting a record from the file is permanent and cannot be undone.



Video Data Form



Above is an example of editing a video record in change mode. Obviously when creating/adding a new record the fields above will be blank. As in all forms in Computerize Your Assets, any field that displays a nnn background is a required field and will insist an entry be made.


Date Entered

This field is auto filled by the system and requires no action from you.

Date Taken

For reference, enter the date the video was taken. Clicking on the small calendar button next to the field provides a popup calendar for you to select the date if this is easier for you.


The location must be in the "Location" file. You may type it in or select from the list by clicking anywhere on the field with your mouse to drop it down. It your entry does not exist in the "Location" file you will be prompted to enter and save it.


Type in a brief description of this video. This information is displayed in the Browse for your reference.

File Name

This field is filled and completed by the system when you select the video. ( See Below )

Locate and Attach Video File

Clicking on this opens a navigation window for you to locate and select the file you are attaching. Using the locator window, navigate to the drive and folder where the video is stored and select the appropriate one. The system will then copy the video file to a sub folder giving it a new name and storing the information in the "File Name" field. The original video file is left where it is and is untouched. By making a copy and storing it elsewhere relieves you of the worry and responsibility of losing or misplacing files.


You may keep any notes or comments regarding the video you wish.



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