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Property Management Setup

Property Management Setup

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Property Management Setup

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Property Management Setup

** NOTE: MULTIPLE PROPERTIES is available only in the extended version **



Each property is treated as a complete separate entity, has its own set of data files and is maintained individually. The main frame title will always indicate which property you are currently working on. ( See screen shot below )









The example above illustrates there are two dwellings ( properties ) in the file. The primary residence and an additional summer home. You will manage all your properties from this screen.


Notice the second dwelling (Cottage) is highlighted in the list and the system is currently accessing the primary record set. To switch to this property simply click on the "Switch To This Property" button to begin editing the assets item catalog for the property. The button will not be active if you highlight the property that is currently being accessed.


When creating a new property you will be asked if you wish to copy the existing Insurance Company and Retailer file from the primary property. If you decline they will be created as new empty files.


Additionally, your individual / recipient listing will remain as active and all individuals in the file are available for assignment for all properties.




Each property in the list has two insurance information detail sections. The top section is the usual and customary home owners type insurance policy that typically provides an insured value for the property and structures as well as a separate value for the contents ( your assets ) in the structures.


Additionally, we have provided a second detail section in the event you have a second policy just for content. This would be appropriately used if say you didn't own your home and were leasing.


All the information detail is optional.



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