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Restore my complete backup to another computer

Restore my complete backup to another computer

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Restore my complete backup to another computer

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Restore/Move Computerize Your Assets To Another Computer



Any of you that have experienced migrating your software programs and data to a new computer will certainly appreciate this feature we have bundled into CYA.


Here is how to do it:



YOU MUST. It is the only way the restore feature can work. If you are unfamiliar with creating your backup files please read this document carefully.



The backup files, both the ZIP and the EXE, created from the backup should then be copied to a portable storage device such as a CD or a USB Flash Drive and stored in a safe place. We highly recommend the use of the USB device for several reasons:

It can be read and written to directly using My Computer or Windows Explorer. No special software required.
It is treated as another drive on your system.
It is small and easy to carry.
Not as prone to damage as a CD.
They are reasonably inexpensive and very reliable.
Majority of computers have a USB port.



Complete steps 1 and 2 above before continuing......


Retrieve your backup storage media (CD, USB Drive etc.) and insert it into the appropriate device on the new computer. This could be a new computer you purchased or a friends computer used in your crisis. This will also allow you to restore CYA on the same computer if maybe you had to re-install the operating system.


Using either "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer", navigate to the drive you have inserted your backup into - USB drive or CD
Locate the backup EXE file and "RUN" it by double clicking on the file with your left mouse button


Click the "OK" button to close explanation screen





Your CYA backup file will be expanded into the "Unzip To Folder". The default is shown above and you may optionally change it to a different drive and/or folder name. If the folder does not currently exist on your new computer it will automatically be created.


Click the "Unzip" button when you are ready to continue


Using either "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer", navigate to the drive and folder created during the Unzip ( Example from above would be "C:\INSTALLCYA" The contents of the folder will appear similar to the example below.
TIP! - Open the "Move CYA To Another Computer.pdf" to assist you while installing on the new computer
Locate the file named "InstallCYA.exe" and click on the file using your "Right Mouse Button"
Select "Run as administrator" from the menu that appears. Your menu may not look exactly like the above depending on your Windows operating system and personal settings
Follow the directions on the CYA install screen to complete the installation. Your data and images will be re-constructed exactly as it was on the prior system.





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