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Setup Wizard

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Setup Wizard

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Computerize Your Assets Setup Wizard



In our quest to assist you in getting your system setup properly and quickly, and start using CYA immediately, we have provided a wizard that will step you through the process of getting your initial information into the system.


The wizard will also prompt you through setting up all your support files to customize the information to a format more meaningful to you personally. If it is the first time CYA has been run, the wizard will be called automatically. Otherwise it may called at a later time if you choose not to complete all the file modifications during the initial execution.


The wizard may be run from either the "Files" or "Setup" menu options on the main frame.




The first screen you will see is merely an introduction to CYA. Please read the information on each of the screens as it will prove helpful in understanding what you are being asked to accomplish.




The first time CYA is executed the "Next" button will not be available to advance to the next page until your personal information data has been completed. Click the "Setup Personal Information" to proceed with this task. Once you have completed the information the "Next" button will be made available for you to advance to the next page.




Computerize Your Assets maintains a set of files that are used as "Lookups" when entering your item information into your catalog. These include Insurance Companies, Insurance Agents, Retailers and Appraisers. Although each of these files provide the ability to record significant detail if you choose, you may optionally provide just a name for lookup purposes. We suggest if you have this information available take a few moments and record all the information about each entry that you have available. It could prove to valuable information at some point.




Each of the buttons in the above screen provides access to the additional lookup files the system maintains for you. Although the number of files may appear intimidating at first, you will be thankful for them when it comes time to enter your items into your catalog.


Each of these files already have a few entries to assist you in getting started, however, here is your opportunity to customize everything exactly to your own personal needs and desire. It is best to set these up prior to entering your items.



Each item in the catalog will be assigned a category  ( Appliance, Furniture etc. )


Purchased and current item condition  ( New, Used etc. )

Item Codes

Name assigned to the catalog item  ( Chair, Radio, TV, Computer etc. )


Room or location where item is located  ( Den, Living Room, Kitchen etc. )


Manufacturer/Brand of the item  ( GE, Dell, Craftsman etc.)

Policy Location

Insurance Policy Location if required  ( Safety Deposit, File Cabinet, Desk Drawer etc. )

Receipt Location

Item receipt location if required  ( File Cabinet, Desk Drawer, Show Box etc. )

Status Codes

Current status of item  ( In Use, Broken, Loaned etc. )

Valuation Types

If current value is used this lists methods how it was determined  ( Estimate, Appraisal etc. )

Warranty Terms

If warranty info kept this lists the different terms in time  ( 1 Year, 2 Years etc. )

Credit Card Type

Used only if you catalog your credit cards  ( Visa, MC, AX etc. )

Item Owners

Each item can have a different owner. Build your list here


Used only in Estate Planning. Supports the Recipient file below.


This is the list of recipients that you will use to develop your Estate Plan. Available in the Extended Version Only




CYA provides an "Optional" security module that is invoked only when you add a user to the security file. Once you have added a user, anytime CYA is run you will be asked for a "Login" and a "Password" to gain entry into the program. This is useful if several users have access to your computer and you wish to exercise control over who may have access.


Should you decide you wish to invoke security we recommend you read the help section to assist you in setting it up as this will avoid problems later.




Once you have completed the previous screens you will be well on your way to having a pleasant experience entering your household items and personal assets.


If, for whatever reason, you decided not to take the time to update all the support files during this wizard session, we encourage you to do it PRIOR to entering your items into the catalog. You can access this wizard at any time by clicking on either "Files" or "Setup" from the main menu and selecting "Setup Wizard".


A gentle reminder.


From time to time as you are entering your data, you may have a question about something. The very first thing we can recommend is press the F1 key and read the help.


You are now well on your way to getting your assets into your catalog. We hope this wizard has given you a head start and the remainder of your experience will be rewarded for taking the time to do this now.



Copyright © 2005 - 2011 CYA Software, Inc.

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