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User Maintenance

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User Maintenance

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Program Security Maintenance


Computerize Your Assets has built in security options that can be invoked if you are concerned about others accessing your computer and your inventory catalog. Although it is not invoked initially it is very simple to activate. The presence of a user defined in the Security User file automatically activates the security features thereby forcing a user to login to the program.


Deactivating the security is also quite simple. Simply remove all users from the user file and the login function will be deactivated.



Once security is activated a login will be required each time the program is executed. Please record your password somewhere safe as there is no secret back door code to allow entrance to the program if you should forget it. This would defeat the purpose of having a security feature.





The first screen you will see when clicking the "User Maintenance" menu selection is the list of authorized users. Initially, your list will be empty as this is the default when Computerize Your Assets was installed.





Click the Insert button to add users to the security listing.


Selecting the user from the list you wish to modify and clicking the "Change" button allows the information to be modified/changed.


Select the user from the list you wish to remove and click the "Delete" button. You will be asked to confirm your delete intentions.





Above is an example of the security user maintenance screen.


First Name

Type in the first name of user being added

Last Name

Type in the last name of the user being added

Login Code

Enter the name this user will use to login to the program. This entry can be anything you like and does not need to match either of the name fields. For example: ( First Name: Bill ) ( Last Name: Smith ) ( Login Code: Smitty ).


NOTE! You do not enter the password. Each user maintains their own password. Therefore, the password for the user being added will be the same as the Login Code until this person changes their password themselves. This should be done immediately after adding a new user to avoid a breach of the system by someone you have not allowed.


The first user added to the security file REQUIRES an access level of "Owner". This would then suggest your first user in the system needs to be yourself. Below is an explanation of each of the security levels and what each allows.



Has access to the program and the security system. This is the default and required level for the first user added to the security user file so be certain to add yourself, or the individual that will administer the program, as the first user.


Has access to the program but may not access the security maintenance procedure.

No Access:

Will be denied access to the program.


When adding your very first user to the security file, as noted above, Owner privileges are assigned to that user. The primary reason is to assure there will always be at least one user in the file with an Owner security level to have access to the security file.





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