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How To Move CYA To A New Computer


How To Move CYA To A New Computer

When Computerize Your Assets was first created the "Backup" and "Restore" facilities were carefully planned. We understood that throughout the life of your project, there was a 99% probability you would be faced with the task of moving CYA to your new computer. This has never been a pleasant task with other computer software and can be risky if the move isn't carefully planned and executed.

The good news is that we have removed the fear and the burden of this task. We have actually made the move quite simple. Following the outlined steps below will make your move effortlessly.

So, starting from the beginning we will illustrate how simple it is to move CYA to a new computer.


Step 1:   Preparation

Make certain your existing copy of CYA is the most recent release on your old computer. As of the writing of this article the current release is v2.10.

If yours is an older version you may either select the "Check For Updates" menu selection from the "Help" menu on the main program frame or simply download the latest version and install it. If the link fails copy this URL and paste it into your web browser. ( )

TIP! Save the downloaded install file ( cya.exe) to your desktop so you can locate and run it easily.

Step 2:
  Complete the Backup

After making certain you are running the latest version you must first create a "COMPLETE" backup on your old computer. Actually, if you have been following good practices you should already have the files saved off somewhere on a USB (recommended) or burned onto a CD. To make your task even more simple don't forget to check the "Create Self Extracting Executable" box.

In a nutshell, what will happen is CYA will gather up  ALL program files, data files, images and compress everything into an industry standard ZIP file. Then a self extracting executable (EXE) file will be created from the ZIP file.

This allows you to execute the file instead of relying on any type of zipping tool. Illustrated below is the typical backup setup screen.

Backup and create self extracting executable

Step 3:  Preserve Your Backup

Don't just leave your backups in the folder on your hard drive. Copy them to another safe storage location for preservation. We highly recommend using a USB Flash Drive for this purpose and the remaining steps in the article will refer to the USB storage device. You may of course use any device you have or care to purchase.



Step 1:  Restoring The Last Backup

Plug your USB Flash Drive containing your backup file(s) into your new computer. Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to the USB drive and locate your backup file with the EXE (Program File) extension. This will usually be the one with the most recent date should you have multiple backups on the same device. Double click on this file with your left mouse button to execute it.

Locate backup EXE file to run

Once executed the following screen will be displayed.

Self Extractor screen One

Click the "Ok" button to continue with the recovery of the compressed set of files that will be used to install your latest copy of CYA onto the computer.

Step 2:  Recover The Compressed Files From The Archive

The self extracting executable will automatically default to a temporary work folder named "C:\INSTALLCYA" on your existing hard drive. You may change the location of these recovered files if you wish. However, this really isn't necessary because once the recovery is completed the folder may be deleted entirely from your computer.

Continue with the self extracting process

Click the "Unzip" button to complete this process.


Step 3:  Execute The Special Installer

Open either Windows Explorer or My Computer and navigate to the drive and folder where CYA was restored.  (C:\InstallCYA)  You will need to locate the program file "InstallCYA.exe" and manually execute it to run as an Administrator. Click on the file name using your "Right" mouse button and select "Run as administrator" from the pop-up menu.

Manually execute CYA the first time

During the install process your program files, data files, images and everything required will be restored exactly as it was on your old system. This includes the creation of all the "Start" menu entries and desktop icon.


Step 4:  Execute And Test

Execute CYA as normal using either the icon on the desktop or the system "Start" menu.

When CYA executes it will determine things have changed. You will be offered the opportunity to register CYA on this new computer. The system remembers your registration name and key and will register the application if you accept the offer by clicking the "Yes" button.

If you decline the registration offer CYA will run in "Trial" mode and discontinue allowing use after 30 days us. This can useful if you are installing CYA onto a temporary computer and do not wish to have it registered on it.

You certainly may change your mind and enter your registration key any time you wish and register CYA on the computer.

Re-register CYA

Check your asset listing and other components to determine the restore was successful. Once you are satisfied you may then go ahead and delete the C:\InstallCYA folder and contents.

That's it! With just a couple of mouse clicks you have painlessly moved CYA from your old computer onto your new one.

Life goes on. 

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