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CYA Continues In "Trial Mode" After Entering Registration Key


We have had a few isolated reports from users describing a similar issue. Generally, we have found it is related to your anti virus software. CYA is attempting to write a required entry into the Windows Registry which your anti virus software is preventing. In doing so, the AV fails to inform either Windows or the software that it has done so.

For the following to work correctly please make certain you have the latest version of CYA installed. You can always download the latest from:

Try this solution::

  • Update CYA to the latest version if necessary
  • Open the Email you received containing your registration key
  • Set your mouse anywhere in the body of the Email and press "Ctrl + A" to select the entire body of the Email. While body is hightlighted (Selected) press "Ctrl + C" to copy the Email contents into the windows clipboard
  • Using your mouse, Right click the CYA icon on the desktop and select "Run as administrator"  ( If you chose not to have an icon placed on your desktop the Click "Start > All Programs > CYA - Computerize Your Assets". Place your mouse on -- Computerize Your Assets-- and click your Right mouse button to display the menu. Select "Run as administrator" )
  • When the "Evaluation" information screen appears click on the "Enter License Key" button" - OR - From the CYA "Help" menu select "Enter registration key code"
  • If you see a messages about retrieving your  CYA registration information from a previous install please answer "No".
  • When the registration screen appears click on the "Paste From Clipboard" button - OR - Enter your registration information manually from your Email
  • When the registration fields are completed click on the "Ok" button
  • When you receive the registration confirmation message click the "Ok" button
  • Exit Computerize Your Assets completely
  • Run Computerize Your Assets again normally (You should now see your registration name on the intro screen) and the Trial watermarks on the reports should be gone
  • In the unlikely event CYA continues to expose the registration screen please re-boot your computer. Run CYA and determine if this resolved the issue

Should you continue to experience difficulties please contact Computerize Your Assets support at for immediate assistance.


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