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Creating Users Accounts For CYA Security


Computerize Your Assets has a very robust security system built in.

It is unique in a couple of ways and your first attempt at invoking the security may confuse you. The CYA security is designed in such a way that when "Users" are added they each manage their own password and can (should) change them frequently. Because of this unique design the Administrator/Supervisor does not manage the passwords.

The first "User" that is created automatically and is given "Supervisor" responsibilities so be certain the first account you create is for yourself. The following tutorial illustrates adding the first user (You - Supervisor) to the system. Often if all you require is to prevent other users of your computer from having access to your home inventory information, this single user is all that you may require. The addition of more users into the security file is identical.

Because each user added to the CYA security system, including yourself, will manage their own password, the password is "automatically" by the system when the user is created. The password that is assigned is exactly the same as the entry typed into the "Login Code" field.

HINT!  The Login and Password are always case sensitive.

The screen shot below illustrates the addition of Peter Smith. Peter is assigned the Login Code of "peter" and his password is set automatically by the system to "peter".

When you have correctly typed in the information in the entry fields and click the Ok button, you will again be reminded about the password being automatically assigned by the system. The password assigned to the user in our example above was "peter". This reminder screen provides an opportunity for you to optionally send the users information to your printer. See an example of this reminder screen below.

At this point Peter Smith has been added to the security file. Remember, this example represents the first user so Peter also has full supervisor control.

Peter now needs exit CYA and run CYA again.

This time a "User Login" screen will be displayed forcing Peter to now have to log in to CYA. He will log in as "peter" and enter his password as "peter". Remember, the Login Code and the Password are the same at this point. The screen shot below illustrates the log in screen.

Now that Peter has logged in, the very first thing he needs to do is change his password. Clicking on the menu "Setup > Security" reveals a new menu item ( Change My Password ) is now  available. Selecting this menu item opens a screen to accomplish this. This is the same place each user goes anytime they want to change their password.

Changing the password will always involve entry into three fields. They are:

  1. Current Password - This is the password you used to log into CYA this session
  2. New Password - Type in your desired new password
  3. Verify Password - Type the above password in again to verify it is identical

The password can consist of any combination of letters (Upper and Lower Case), numbers and special characters found on the keyboard. It is also important you remember your password is "Case Sensitive". See the screen shot below for example.

Once the new password has been entered, and accepted, it is the one that must be used to log into CYA from now on.

One very important thing to keep in mind regarding using the security system:

There is no secret back door method of gaining entrance to CYA if your password is forgotten. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact CYA support at for assistance.
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