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Does CYA provide the ability to scan item bar codes


The question regarding bar code scanning surfaces every now and again so we decided it was appropriate to include an answer in our knowledge base.

We have tossed this subject around for a very long time. Reading the bar code isn't the issue for us. It's locating the information relating to the item that causes the grief.

The data bases containing the information we need to look up are extremely large (as in *HUGE*) and the data changes hourly. The only method sensibly available to us to retrieve the data is by using the internet. This places certain restrictions on the use of CYA.

Additionally, we believe the majority of the items in your household no longer have the identification labels/tags affixed to them so it becomes a moot point anyway. Indeed some of your major appliances and electronics may still have them, but we have discovered it is probably unlikely anyone would take the time or effort to move the item to get to the label so the bar code can be scanned.

One final point. We don't envision anyone going out and spending several hundred dollars for a bar code scanner just to scan a few items in their home. It would most likely need to be a wireless unit unless you wish to carry your computer to every item or bring every item to your computer for scanning.

Honestly - we just don't see the reward or ROI for including such a feature.

So, in a nutshell, most likely bar code scanning is a feature that is not likely to be included in CYA any time soon. It is a good thought though.



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